January 31, 2014

*Memories stay with us Forever*

Memories, are the only things that stay with us.
Some are good while some are not that good. 
We meet many people throughtout our life. J
Some become a huge part of our life,while some leave in between.
Maybe because their role in our life was upto that point.
We fall in love with someone, who falls in love with another person :P
Someone falls for you! ( Crazy World :D ) But you don’t feel the same.
But memories of every single person stay with us.
As they say "People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But,people will  never forget what you made them feel."
Memories  are mad,pagli,good,lame yet they are unique in every way.
Memories make you laugh at times,make you cry at times, make you feel how lame were the things you did back then.
Memories make you want to live those days again.
They make you happy because they make you relive your life all over again.

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