February 1, 2014

I Am Not Meant To Be Loved.

“I am not meant to be loved ", Neeti said to Anurag when he told her about his feelings. Anurag knew it would have come as a shock for her because she always thought of Anurag as a friend, but that day more than her rejection Anurag was bothered about what she said. Her words kept repeating in his head, why did she say that “I am not meant to be loved”. He was determined to prove his love for her and make her believe that she was meant to be loved. In their 7 years of friendship, he had known everything about her but he was still puzzled why she denied him.
On the other hand Neeti, was shattered knowing that Anurag loved her, she cried for days after that day not because she didn’t expect a proposal from Anurag but because she could never revert back the same feelings for him. Neeti knew that something was going on in Anurag’s mind, she had already prepared to tell him straight away like she did, but later Anurag wanted an explanation for the answer she gave but she couldn’t speak a word when asked about it.
All that happened with her during last four months flashed in front of her. She had lost the love of her life Viraj, they had been together since last 3 years. Very few people knew about her and Viraj but when one fine day Viraj told her that he wanted to put an end to this relation, Neeti’s world collapsed in a single moment. She cried and begged for Viraj to come back to her but Viraj was firm on his decision of moving ahead in his life with his new girlfriend. For Neeti Viraj was everything, her world revolved around him. She had fallen for him since the first time they meet via a common friend. Slowly their friendship blossomed into beautiful love story. They both had dreamt about spending every moment of their life together till the last breath. When one fine day he left her for some other girl without giving a second thought about their relation and about Neeti who loved him to the core.

It’s been 3 years since Viraj left her, she still feels that she was never meant to be loved and Anurag is still determined to prove her that she is meant to me loved. He came to know everything about Neeti and Viraj but he still loves Neeti like earlier and believes that there would be a day when Neeti would know that indeed ‘She is meant to be loved’ and then she would accept him but till then he doesn’t miss single chance to make Neeti feel special and loved and she just smiles for whatever sweet he does and every time she smiles Anurag falls in love with her all over again. Neeti knows that no one can love her as much as Anurag but her stupid heart is still tangled in Viraj’s thought’s and she is afraid to revert back the amount of love that Anurag has for her.<3