January 31, 2014

“No matter how hard you try, sometimes you cannot be with the person you love.”
Rishya was trying to get over with this dense malady of heart that people called LOVE, but all her attempts to get over him went futile. After every damn disappointment she would try even harder to get over Keyur who was the best thing that happened to her, but her stupid heart would blow her and tell her that forgetting Keyur was not a viable option. Whenever she would decide it’s high time for her to cry for him, their reminiscences would irk her and she used to shed tears all night hugging her pillow. There were times when she notion that she was over him, she used to get some forwarded text message from him and her dull face would instantly lit up seeing that mere name on her phone.
    Some or the other day he would start a casual talk with her, and her silly heart would skip a beat  but then Keyur would bring up the topic of his girlfriend Riva, how they were so happy being together. Initially she would listen to him but then it would bug her up. She totally understood that Keyur was happy with Riva but talking about it over again and over again was annoying her. She wanted to tell him that there is no need to prove her the love he has for Rita and the relation they share, she had accepted it long back. Keyur on the other hand wanted to break Rishya completely, little did he know that she was devastated the day he had left her.
      One such day he called Rishya and told her that he wanted to meet her, she was happy and agreed to meet him. They met at a nearby café and Keyur again brought Rita in the middle of their conversation, Rishya couldn’t control her angry and told Keyur to stop proving her about his and Rita’s relation as she didn’t give a damn about them and she was just being his friend. Keyur on the other hand reacted as if he had not done any mistake and blamed Rishya for the breakup that they had 5 years back. He accused Rishya of being jealous about him and Rita. It was too much for Rishya to listen to his crap she stormed out of the café and Keyur followed her. Once in the parking of the café she knew very well what Keyur was trying to prove to her. Just as Keyur was about to speak something, Rishya stopped and told him “outta my life I say, you no more deserve to be there”.
     Rishya left the parking and Keyur kept wondering about what just happened. He never knew she would react this way and his plan of breaking her would itself break into pieces. His plan failed, and now he would not get a chance to humiliate her anymore. Rishya felt relieved after what she had done, she was done taking crap from Keyur and being tortured. She knew she could never hate Keyur, a part of her heart would always love Keyur and she would never forget the happy times they spent, but the pain that he had given her was too much in front of their happy memories.
     Sometimes you have to face your fears and get over them and move on in your life because that’s the best thing to do and you never know what good would happen next. You have to accept that people change and you have to ignore them to be happy. Because your smile is precious and you should never forget to smile because you never know who would fall for your smile.


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                                            **Chapter 1**

Rigved Desai.

A guy with limited people around him, not shy but would think thousand times before interacting with others. His life revolved around his mom and his aunt. They were the only people who meant everything to. He believed he was strong enough to face everything in life. Having seen his father moving out of their house when he was in 8th grade, he handled his mom and aunt. But he always felt he missed something in his life, maybe a friend who would take care of him. When he was in his 2nd year of graduation during one of the college programs he saw a girl, stupidly quarreling with her friends laughing like she didn't care if people are watching her, she was just an ordinary girl he thought later on and ignored those thoughts as his friends were calling him to help them arrange the chairs required for the program. During the whole program he tried hard to distract himself but things were going in a different way. After every 10 minutes he would go and get a glance of her from some corner of the hall, he felt his heart skip a beat whenever she would give a smile to her friends.
He wanted her to notice him, he never cared for attention as he always got it because of his charming looks and smile with those cute dimples on his cheeks :) but still he wanted her to notice him. She was busy talking to her friend about the performance he was supposed to give that evening. As the performance started he was again glaring at her from behind the pillar, as she was recording her friend’s performance and enjoying it the same time. He suddenly started recording the performance himself in her opposite direction so that he would preserve her cute gestures with him and have a look at them when he would miss her. At the end of the program he was searching for her but she was nowhere to be seen. He made a small prayer to the god that he would want to see her again the next day. 

                                        **CHAPTER 2**

Rigved Desai

Rigved was checking their college community on Facebook when he saw a familiar face; yes that was the same girl from the function the previous day. ‘Tiara Khanna’ the name showed with a familiar looking profile picture. He clicked on it and started thanking his stars that she was the same girl whom he was following during inauguration function yesterday. He couldn't believe that he had actually found her out. He wanted to know more about her but her profile was having security. He wanted to send her request but then thought against it because maybe she will think he is too desperate to try his luck on her.

It was already dinner time when he was shaken from his train of thoughts due to his mom's voice. He closed his laptop and went for dinner with a broad smile on his face. He was more than happy today. His mother noticed a change in his behavior and asked him that why was he smiling like an idiot. Still smiling Rigved was silent this made his mom a bit worried but she knew he would tell her the reason in a day or two. At night he slept peacefully remembering all the gestures and cute faces that Tiara made all day during the function. He knew the damage was done. His heart skipped a bit even when he saw her smiling in his dreams.

                                           **Chapter 3**

Rigved Desai

The next day while walking to my class and I accidentally bumped into her. Yes god finally made our paths cross with each other. She gave a stern look and went in her direction. According to my research she was not a second year student yes I had inquired about it. And she was not a fresher, as I was the key person in the fresher’s party arrangement and I had not seen in during the party. Holy shit! She is a senior!! I spoke and my friends gave me a confusing look. Although she is a year senior to me (a cute senior) I thought to myself. God that means she was the one our teachers used to talk about the ideal student of there. I thought the girl would be a typical geek, but it was my angel yes I would call her my angel as even a glance towards her smiling face would make me forget all the problems I ever had. She had such an effect on people around her that her simple smile would fade all the worries. That's why she is an angel, my angel.
     The whole day I was trying to find out some or the other reason to get out of the class; I had this urge to talk to her, to hear her laugh. After two lectures got over it was our HOD’s lecture and I was late and so were my friends just the mere thought of being late made me smile, I knew the "khadus" (our HOD) would not allow us to sit for the lecture and I would be free for the next 2 hours. :D :P

                                            **Chapter  4**

Rigved Desai.

As we asked for permission to attend the class, khadus started his same old story that we have to be on time blah blah blah. “Maybe the jerk would allow us to sit today.” Akshit murmured in between. I knew this would screw my plan, so I rushed backwards slowly while my friends were entering and the moment Akshit noticed I was not in the class he texted me"bastard where have u gone?" I texted him back where I was and he replied "good luck bro, try your luck she won't give a damn  :D". I waited for her class to get over. You know I just wanted to have a talk with her. The bell rang and the professor was coming out of the class when I ran to hide myself in a corner.
After all the students left the class I walked near her desk with a heavy heart. I was afraid, happy, and nervous all at the same time. And I just said "Hi, I am Rigved" with that I forwarded my hand for a handshake. After that a wired express on her face made me think she would slap me right there. Yes she had slapped many guys before. She hated all this nonsense; this was all that her friend Suhil had told me. But she shook my hand and spoke "Hi myself Tiara and stop stalking me Rigved. I totally hate stalkers." I made a puppy face after hearing that. When she saw that look, she asked me if I could join her for a coffee. This instantly lit up my mood. I told her I wasn't stalking her but she had caught me on the day of function itself. She had a proof that I stalked her. Yes when I took her snaps while she was video shooting the performance, I was visible behind one of the pillars.

                                           **CHAPTER  5**


Rigved Desai.

Even though it was just a friendly invitation for a coffee, I consider it as a date. :P It came as a shock for me but then my heart started dancing. Is this a dream?? I pinched myself and then I realized that she actually invited me for coffee. This absolutely made my day, but I knew she would ask me the reason for stalking her.  The thought of being with her made me happy, we went to the nearby coffee shop and ordered our coffees. Soft romantic tracks were being played in the cafe, she was sitting quietly with an expression’s to know all the answer’s right at that moment. Now I had to confess everything to her, so I started narrating everything from the moment I saw her to this moment. While narrating everything I noticed a smile on her face which she was trying to hide, but then I told her that she failed miserably while hiding that cute smile of hers. Then this song started playing

“I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I won’t let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You might need time to think it over
But I'm just fine moving forward
I'll ease your mind
If you give me the chance
I will never make you cry c`mon let's try”

Exactly what I felt that moment was being sung by Jesse McCartney. Don’t know why but I told her that this song is exactly what I am feeling at this moment and she smiled again. Maybe she liked me after all I am not a boring person. :P
It’s true that ‘A Lot Can Happen Over A Coffee ;) 
We didn't return to our lectures that day but instead went to her favorite place, a lake surrounded by trees at one side and mountain’s on the other side. This was the place she visited when she wanted to spend some time alone. The lake and its view were indeed a peaceful place away from the rush of the city.  She was not a geek but, a creative person who loved Painting, Music and Reading Novels, yes book are her first love. We share many things in common, even I am a trained singer and a drummer. She loved travelling and so did I. She wanted to travel the world and wanted to know the tradition’s of every country. Not every girl today has such interests thank god that I found her already. :D No guy would want to let go off a girl like her away from his life. I promised to myself that day that I would make her  mine forever.

                                           **Chapter  6**
Rigved Desai.

Days passed and I got to know her more every passing day. Tiara was a totally different person than what people had said, she was a beautiful soul. We used to meet every day after college hours and would talk like maniacs during lunch. Everyday there was a new shade of her, her heart so pure. She was always the toughest girl as she made a shell around her, but after every passing day I knew there was an innocent child inside her ready to jump out of the shell but would always stop for unknown reasons.
Sometimes she would be happy for no reason and sometimes she would be just numb and quite in her own world. When she used to be quiet I tried cheering her making funny faces and next moment she used to have that sweet curve on her face that would make my day. She never had certain reasons to be happy. She always found happiness in small things that were going around her. She was a total sweetheart who cared for everyone around her without any expectations.

                                          **Chapter 7**

Rigved Desai.

I was in love with my life, Tiara was the ultimate reason for my happiness. When she was around me the world seem perfect, nothing else mattered more than her. I was in love with her, yes since the first day I saw her laughing with her friends. My heart skipped a beat whenever that pretty smile of her used to seen. Even when I used to think about, I had that stupid grin on my face and my friends used to get a chance to tease me up. It was nearly 10 months now since we started talking. The first time we talked I felt like I had known for a life time. I had fallen for her the moment I saw her. I somewhere knew that even she liked me. It was the day of cultural festival and games and other events where being held. I wrote her name for antakshari and mine too.
She was an awesome singer; I had heard her many times she always used to sing when alone somewhere in a corner window. I wanted people to notice her mesmerizing voice. The names of antakshari team were announced, I had my fingers crossed that we should be in a same team but destiny had other plans and we were supposed to compete against each other. She was shocked when my name was announced and more shocked hearing hers being announced. I apologized by holding my ears and she gave that smile of hers which takes my breath away. We took our seats and the competition began.

                                            **Chapter  8**

Rigved Desai.

It was my teams turn and I didn't want this chance to tell her what I feel for her in front of whole college. So as per the last letter of their team’s song I started my song directly looking into her eyes.
“Aasmaan, tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
Aasmaan, tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan
Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye yeh mere
Hai tujh mein samaaye
Saiyaara main saiyaara
Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein
Milenge ab yaara
Saiyaara main saiyaara
Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein
Milenge ab yaara "

There was a loud cheer from crowd during my song. My friends were cheering me as they already knew what I felt for her. Meanwhile the change in her expressions was making me numb. She was smart enough to figure out what was going around. Initially her expressions were all calm then I saw her cheeks turning pink, yeah she was blushing. I felt happy inside but the very next moment her expression was back to normal. And then I started thinking what was actually going in her mind.
She didn't sing for next 3 turns and was not even lifting her head up to face me. This bothered me a lot, God what must be going in her mind? Did I embarrass her? Shit shit! All these thoughts were disturbed by a mesmerizing voice which was singing.

"Khamoshiyan gungunaane lagi
Tanhaaiyan muskuraane lagi
Sargoshi kare hawa, chupke se mujhe kaha 
 Dil ka haal bataa, dilbar se naa chhupa
Sunke baat yeh sharm se meri aankhen jhunk jaane lagi.
Jaag utha hai sapna kiska meri in aankhon mein
Ek nayi zindagi shaamil ho rahi saanson mein
Kisi ki aandhi hai sadaa hawaaon mein
Kisi ki baatein hai dabi si honton mein
Raat din meri aankhon mein koi parchhaayi lehraane lagi.”

Yes it was Tiara with a broad smile on her face and she wasn't looking my way but when she did, her eyes said it all. I was the happiest person on the planet that day. Although I already had an idea that even Kiara felt the same for me and this was the best way of answering me.

                                          **Chapter  9**

Rigved Desai.

I wanted to hug her right away, her eyes revealed everything that was going on in her mind. And that song was beautiful after all my angel was the one singing it. I still couldn't believe that she felt the same for me. I was on cloud 9 that day; I wanted to meet her after that antakshari. I texted her to meet me at the lake (Yeah! The same place she took me after our Coffee Date). It was already evening when the events came to an end. So when I reached the place, the clouds turned maroonish pink. The view was breath-taking, and then I saw my angel coming but pretended as if I didn't know she came. She thought I didn't see her as I turned my back towards her when I saw her coming.
That day was the day of surprises for me. She hugged me from behind. I felt thousand shivers running down my spine. Her mere touch could melt me and my heart. As we were near the lake it was a bit cold. During the hug I whispered to her "I love you" looking back to her and she blushed and I held her hands which were holding me when she whispered in my ears "I love you too stupid :P ". Now I was facing her, I saw her eyes becoming teary so I hugged her again. After that I bent on my knees took her hand in mine and said " I know tiara the way I proposed you today it was a bit awkward for you but I could not hold my emotions anymore, even I unaware about how and when I feel in love with you. But you know you are the best thing that happened to me. I know it is every girl's dream of getting a guy's proposal in a fairy-tale way, but this was something that I thought would work with me. I am not like that smart who could plan and execute everything perfectly and moreover you know na I am a lazyass. But I love you 
and isn't that what actually matters? “And I winked.

                                           **Chapter  10**

Rigved Desai.

Tiara just smiled and a tear slipped out from the corner of her eyes.
“I love you Rigved and yes that is what matters to me"
I hugged her when the cold wind made her shiver and I was so closer to her that I could feel her breath on my neck. Her heart beats got faster I made my face closer to her. I was going to kiss her but I had a second thought about what she would feel. But then I saw her face, her cheeks had turned pink her eyes were moist and her breath was becoming heavy her expressions were peaceful. I cupped her cheeks with my hands and brought my lips closer to hers. Finally our lips got sealed.
I gave her a tight hug, while in my arms she was too quiet. There was a sweet smile on her face, and her eyes said it all. I assured her that I would always be by her side, whatever it takes to be with her. I wanted her to always stay happy the way she now is. For the world she is the girl who always is strong to face any challenge that comes but I know she needed love no matter how much she denied it. 

                                       **Chapter  11**

Rigved Desai.

The next one year of my college passed in jiffy, having her by my side always I felt good. She loved me, I loved her and that was everything that mattered. Yes, we used to fight sometimes over silly issues, but at the end of the day we would laugh at it thinking the topic was too lame to fight. During initial days people talked how our relation would fail as they thought that she would ditch me after graduating a year before. Remember I said she was a year senior to me. Some assholes would praise me as I was dating a senior. People talk and talk about you until they get bored or till you prove them wrong. We shared the same bond we used to share a year before. We were going pretty strong!
She never bothered about what people thought about us and so didn't I. After all what we thought about each other was more important. It was her last month in college and she was all busy with interviews, projects etc. So I used to wait for her after college and after she was done with her day's schedule, we would visit the lake where it all started. The lake and the trees around used to give us peace. Many times we would just sit near the lake without uttering a single word. Yet our minds speaking thousands of words. It was her last day in college and after her final term exams she had to visit Bangalore for her training. She looked pale, so I took her to our place where she cried in my arms but I assured her that I would be with her forever.

                                  **ONE YEAR LATER**
I was finally going to Bangalore, yes I studied hard for my terms and was placed in a different organisation but in the same city where my angel lived.  When I told her about the news she was glad that I got placed and now that we would be together the exact way we had planned for. After my terms I left for Bangalore, my angel was already waiting for me at the airport. As soon as she saw me, she came running towards me and hugged me. A year had passed the last time I had seen her, she looked more beautiful and sweet. We did lunch together and left to settle my luggage in the quarters of my company. Now this would turn out to be a new journey for both of us. Our relation was strong because we trusted each other completely, lucky are the people who survive a long distance relation and I am glad I was one such lucky person to do so. They say 'Long Distance doesn't matter, if two hearts are loyal to each other'.

                       THE END 

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Why do you always have to choose one from two options?
Why can’t you be with both, your love and your best friend?
Asking to choose one from these two is like asking whether you need oxygen or you need water to survive.
You don’t want your love to be away from you and you can’t let your best friend go away.
Because you already know that living without either of the two or choosing either of the two is impossible.
Such situations are the worst situations of life where you cannot decide what to choose.

Your heart and your brain stop working and at the end of the day you still wait for the correct choice that you have to make.

*Memories stay with us Forever*

Memories, are the only things that stay with us.
Some are good while some are not that good. 
We meet many people throughtout our life. J
Some become a huge part of our life,while some leave in between.
Maybe because their role in our life was upto that point.
We fall in love with someone, who falls in love with another person :P
Someone falls for you! ( Crazy World :D ) But you don’t feel the same.
But memories of every single person stay with us.
As they say "People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But,people will  never forget what you made them feel."
Memories  are mad,pagli,good,lame yet they are unique in every way.
Memories make you laugh at times,make you cry at times, make you feel how lame were the things you did back then.
Memories make you want to live those days again.
They make you happy because they make you relive your life all over again.

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