July 4, 2017

Book Review : Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

Book Name: Against All Odds.
Author : Danielle Steel.
No. of Pages: 336.
Publisher: Pan Macmillan.
ISBN : 9781509860678.
Price: 399 INR.

About the Book:

Sometimes it's hard to be a mother
Kate Madison lost her husband in tragic circumstances at a young age. Her two loves are her vintage fashion business and her four children. Although, currently, her twenty-something children seem to be causing her anxiety and heartache.

Daughter Izzie is a making her name as a top lawyer when she falls in love with bad boy Zach. Kate's son Justin and his partner, Richard are considering surrogacy as a way to have a family. Justin's twin sister, Julie, has met a man who Kate feels is too good to be true . . . Youngest son, William, is dating a woman old enough to be his mother.

Between Kate's New York business and the demands of family, Kate's not had time to think of herself. When she allows herself to fall in love again, she wonders if, maybe, this could be her time. If only it were that easy . . .

Book Review:

Against all odds is the story of Kate, a widow and her family who are residing in New York. Kate having lost her husband during early years of the marriage and being a single mom to four kids knows well that life can take a different turn just when you expect it to be perfect, thus she wants nothing but the best to happen to all her children.

Kate has two daughters and two sons, her eldest daughter Isabelle or Izzy as she is addressed throughout the book is a attorney, Izzy is head strong and a dedicated person who falls for Zach, her client a rich spoilt brat and a occasional drug addict who has been cut out from his family’s trust fund. When Kate finds out Izzy and Zach are planning on getting married, she is upset as she clearly sees that Izzy is throwing away her life for the person she believes would be responsible after they get married and she could definitely turn him into a person that her mother sees for her.

Kate’s second daughter falls head over heels for a Peter, a corporate executive who is handsome and rich but is a goody two shoes kind of a person. Kate as every mother would has her own suspicions about Peter, that she hopes are not true and wishes her daughter to lead a good life with the man she is in love with. Justin Kate’s son and Julie’s twin has been living a happy life with his partner Richard for some years now and now they both have opted for surrogacy and are awaiting a kid, Kate is worried about Justin as she thinks he and Richard aren’t ready to afford a child both emotionally and financially. Kate’s youngest son Willie is much of what we call a Casanova and lives a completely different life all together and Kate’s mother Louise is my most favorite person in this book, because she doesn’t let age decide what she can do and is constantly travelling, visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures. 

There is a major turn of events that Kate was always worried about and what happen when her kids have to face situations she was knew were coming. This book is about how people have to face the odds and end up with what is good for you. Kate realizes that no matter what her kids have to face the situations that are meant to be into and she cannot save them and they would only learn from their mistakes to get to what is best for them.

Danielle Steel never disappoints to leave the reader’s in awe and weaves the stories which involve real life situations and social issues in such a beautiful way that one gets heavily involved into the life of the characters of the book. 

Rating: 3.5/5 *

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Note: Thanks to the Publisher for the ARC of this book.