January 31, 2014

“No matter how hard you try, sometimes you cannot be with the person you love.”
Rishya was trying to get over with this dense malady of heart that people called LOVE, but all her attempts to get over him went futile. After every damn disappointment she would try even harder to get over Keyur who was the best thing that happened to her, but her stupid heart would blow her and tell her that forgetting Keyur was not a viable option. Whenever she would decide it’s high time for her to cry for him, their reminiscences would irk her and she used to shed tears all night hugging her pillow. There were times when she notion that she was over him, she used to get some forwarded text message from him and her dull face would instantly lit up seeing that mere name on her phone.
    Some or the other day he would start a casual talk with her, and her silly heart would skip a beat  but then Keyur would bring up the topic of his girlfriend Riva, how they were so happy being together. Initially she would listen to him but then it would bug her up. She totally understood that Keyur was happy with Riva but talking about it over again and over again was annoying her. She wanted to tell him that there is no need to prove her the love he has for Rita and the relation they share, she had accepted it long back. Keyur on the other hand wanted to break Rishya completely, little did he know that she was devastated the day he had left her.
      One such day he called Rishya and told her that he wanted to meet her, she was happy and agreed to meet him. They met at a nearby café and Keyur again brought Rita in the middle of their conversation, Rishya couldn’t control her angry and told Keyur to stop proving her about his and Rita’s relation as she didn’t give a damn about them and she was just being his friend. Keyur on the other hand reacted as if he had not done any mistake and blamed Rishya for the breakup that they had 5 years back. He accused Rishya of being jealous about him and Rita. It was too much for Rishya to listen to his crap she stormed out of the café and Keyur followed her. Once in the parking of the café she knew very well what Keyur was trying to prove to her. Just as Keyur was about to speak something, Rishya stopped and told him “outta my life I say, you no more deserve to be there”.
     Rishya left the parking and Keyur kept wondering about what just happened. He never knew she would react this way and his plan of breaking her would itself break into pieces. His plan failed, and now he would not get a chance to humiliate her anymore. Rishya felt relieved after what she had done, she was done taking crap from Keyur and being tortured. She knew she could never hate Keyur, a part of her heart would always love Keyur and she would never forget the happy times they spent, but the pain that he had given her was too much in front of their happy memories.
     Sometimes you have to face your fears and get over them and move on in your life because that’s the best thing to do and you never know what good would happen next. You have to accept that people change and you have to ignore them to be happy. Because your smile is precious and you should never forget to smile because you never know who would fall for your smile.


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