March 13, 2016

Book Review : Love Apptually

Title: Love Apptually
Author:Pooja Nair
Publisher: Frog Books
Book Length: 248 pages
Price: 195 INR

The book revolves around the life of a 30 something Aayushi Menon who is working as a Senior Sales Manager in an MNC. The protagonist is an independent and career oriented woman, who is taken aback when Ayaan Jaiswal happens to show up during the Sales meeting with one of their clients, Ayaan happens to be the love of her life with whom she broke up around 3 years ago.  

“Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to be hopelessly in love, it means finding happiness in mundane things and keeping your heart alive with passions”
Aayushi Menon is at the peak of her career as a Senior Sales Manager in an MNC in Singapore. Amidst everything going good she bumps into Ayaan, her ex-lover during one of her usual meetings. The story flashes back to the days when she met Ayaan when she started using a certain Social Networking App, just because her friends forced her into using one. She initially comes as a blunt when talking with Ayaan, but slowly she comes out as a soft hearted person who has a passion for writing poems and articles. Ayaan makes her bloom just like a beautiful flower, she is the herself when around him. Aayushi ends her relationship with Ayaan and tells him not to be in contact with her ever again.
Until the present day when he is a part of her team working for a certain project. Three years have passed out and she is still guilty for breaking up with the love of her life. Ayaan doesn’t show any affection as such to her and his mystified behavior makes her question their relationship and the love that he had for her. There are certain revelations that have to be uncovered, which will led her to the truth that she intends to know. Will she be able to handle the truth? And what about the faith that she has on the love and all the notions of love just as they show in romantic movies,will that ever be restored in her life when the truth unveils?

 The Author describes certain situations relating to Romance Flicks (Bollywood/Hollywood) and I am sure every one of us does that. Haven’t you ever had a thought that a particular sequence in our life would turn out just as in the movie? The book is a refreshing read if you love romance novels and romantic movies. The writing is simple and the book is a good read on gloomy day, it certainly will make you happy.

Rating: 3.5*/5*

     About the author:

Pooja Nair

Pooja Nair works as a learning specialist, a job that she is passionate about. Another thing that warms the cockles of her heart is writing. She has attempted different genres of writing, her favorite one being romance. One of her short stories was featured in a book titled “Inner Voices”. Additionally, three of her short stories were published in the “Chicken Soup for Indian Woman” series. Two other stories were published in compilations titles “Hope” and “Chaos”. She regularly writes for Indian weeklies and eZines. She secretly hopes that a habit fairy helps her take up reading and writing regularly.  

(Note: This book was sent to me by the author for review and if you liked reading it, do leave a comment here or on my Instagram to let the author know your take on the book.) 

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