May 31, 2016

Book Review:My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari


About the Book:

Perfect for fans of JojoMoyes’s, Me Before You, My Last Love Story is a heartbreakingly romantic tale about the complexities of trauma and whether love can right a wrong.

I, Simeen Desai, am tired of making lemonade with the lemons life has handed me.

Love is meant to heal wounds.
Love was meant to make my world sparkle and spin.
Love has ripped my life apart and shattered my soul. 

I love my husband, and he loves me.
But Nirvaan is dying.
I love my husband. I want to make him happy.
But he is asking for the impossible. 

I don’t want a baby.
I don’t want to make nice with Zayaan.
I don’t want another chance at another love story. 

Advance Praise:

At once heartbreaking, delightful and completely unexpected. A must read! 
~ SonaliDev, author of The Bollywood Affair

In My Last Love Story, Kothari examines love and loss, desire and desolation, with a deft, wry touch that kept me reading late into the night and moved me to tears. 
~ Julia Tagan, author of Stages of Desire

Book Review:

The book is about three friends Nirvaan, Zayaan and Simeen. Plot being initially set in Surat, Gujarat and progressing in California. The plot line starts in California where Simeen and Nirvaan are at a fertility clinic for obivious reasons. Then enters Zayaan, Nirvaan and Simeen’s best friend, to live with them at their newly rented beach house and making plans of surfing at the beach all stuff that best friends do. The plot takes one in the flash back of how these three friends initially met, Nirvaan and Zayaan have been best friends ever since and Simeen is their third musketeer since they met her at the beach party for their birthday. The three form an instant liking for each other and bond well. Thus as life progress they become best of friends, hanging together, playing pranks just like any other bunch of friends. Things start to crumble and fall apart after their 18th birthday, after facing things no 18 year would want to face or ever dream of. The love birds that Zayaan and Simi are, they begin to drift away from each other. The plot jumps when Simi proposes to Nirvaan to marry her. But Simi goes in deep thoughts when she has the same feelings for Zayaan that she had long ago. She begins to think how she can love two people at the same time and not a bit less for one but equal to both. She is in complete shock when she learns her own husband wants her to be with Zayaan, the dilemma that she is in is her own love for both the boys. There are certain things that Simi doesn’t want anyone to know because she fears people will judge her for her actions, but she doesn’t know what to do or react to those fears of her’s. There are times when you think people wouldn’t appreciate your efforts or when they wouldn’t know what you’re going through, no matter what, the people who care about you stay by your side silently and help you get over your worst fears, Simi understands this at a very crucial point in her life, this in turn proves to be her greatest strength. The plot throws a great light on their strong friendship and love that they have for each other, the plotline is superb and the book has a beautiful take on love. Why is that we think we can’t love two people at the same time? Yes you can love two people at once. The friends who grew up by no one but each other can stay together without thinking what the world thinks of them. The book has a beautiful take on love, friendship and relationships all at once. If you love romance novels and have liked Me before You by JoJo Moyes then you’ll definitely love this book. The book is very different in its own way. Loved the writing style, the plot is very different and not the usual love stories you find in market these days.

P.S: I finished this in one go and it got me out of a reading slump :D . Also I had stopped reading romance novels a while ago but looks like I might consider this genre again. :P

Rating: 4/5 *

(Note: I received a review copy of the book in return of an honest review)

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About the Author:

Falguni Kothari is an internationally bestselling hybrid author and an amateur Latin and Ballroom dance silver medalist with a background in Indian Classical dance. She writes in a variety of genres sewn together by the colorful threads of her South Asian heritage and expat experiences. When not writing or dancing, she fools around on all manner of social media, and loves to connect with her readers. My Last Love Story is her fourth novel.


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