July 27, 2016

Book Review: The Stranger Trilogy by Novoneel Chakraborty

About the Trilogy

*Book 1: Marry me, Stranger

I'm Rivanah Bannerjee, a young and independent girl living alone in Mumbai. My parents love me, my boyfriend adores me and I have a great job. But heres the thing-my life is in danger. Someones been following me around, watching my every move, trying to get control over my life. At first I thought it was a silly prank to gain my attention. My roomie suggested he must be a secret admirer. Is he? What he doesnt know is the police have set a trap to nab him. Soon Ill know if its simply a lovers obsession or there is more to it. BTW, I call him stranger.

*Book 2: All Yours,Stranger

For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Rivanah Bannerjee, a Kolkatan trying to find her footing in Mumbai. Even though I’m currently in a relationship with a great guy, I can’t help but miss my ex-boyfriend despite knowing that he cheated on me. But that’s the least of my worries. The stranger has gone missing since the police tried to nab him unsuccessfully. Where is he? What does he want from me? Why did he come into my life in the first place? Will he ever contact me again? These and many more questions continue to torment me every day. I’m desperate for the stranger to come back to me knowing full well that he may destroy me forever. But then that’s the sexiest thing I have ever known about someone.

With every revelation, it seems the truth is far more twisted than Rivanah can imagine. Wickedly plotted, All Yours, Stranger

*Book 3: Forget me not, Stranger

I m Rivanah Bannerjee 23 F Mumbai. Some of you might already know how my life is on a razor edge. Those of you who don t just know this I may be killed soon . . . by the Stranger. I don t know who or what he is a ghost a person or a figment of my imagination? All I know is he isn t just one thing he is sexy and scary terrific and terrifying. What I don t understand is why a young harmless girl like me who works in a big city stays away from her parents and has a screwed-up love life would be of any interest to him. Unless there is something about my own story that I do not know . . .In the hotly anticipated final instalment of the Stranger trilogy Rivanah will learn the answers to her many questions What is it that binds her to the dead Hiya? Who is the Stranger? Why has he been following her all this while? leading to an intense breathtaking climax.

#Above is the Goodreads description of the Trilogy.


I would describe this trilogy as “curious”.

I don’t want to give the insights of book and what the story is but this review is my take on why I am in love with this trilogy since I read the first book in the series last June.

The plot is very different and unique not the usual types where you are being stalked way too creepily by someone who is attracted to you. A very different take on how the stranger can help you get the best out of your ability, the best that you truly deserve. The series had me hooked after I read Marry me, Stranger. I was eagerly waiting for the other two books to come out since I finished book-1. The book series in whole had raised my expectations very high, and I expected something else from it but that’s not what the Author had planned, not always the book happens exactly the way you imagine it.

The curiosity about stranger is very well maintained till the end of the book. I was devastated after I finished the book, all the drama that unfolded and a constant fear of who the stranger might be excited me. The book made me question certain things that I thought were so far so good in my life. Just like the stranger told Rivanah “Know your worth, Mini”, I am questioning myself for everything that has happened in my life the good and the bad phase of my life.

I have this issue with Novoneel’s writing, why you ask? Well he has this thing to kill his characters or mess their life and give a tragic end to the book, why do you do this?  I don’t like my fictional crushes to die or mess with his life so that he is not the same person anymore.  All in all I have loved this book series.

Although many people criticized Novoneel’s writing but I would really like to say that he has grown so much in the last two years and has definitely lifted his writing standards and I am so sure after this there is no looking back for him.

About the Author

Novoneel Chakraborty is an Indian author of fiction. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book “A Thing beyond forever” released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release.

He followed it up with “That kiss in the rain” and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, “How about a sin tonight?” He went on to write commercial bestsellers like “Ex” and then “The Stranger Trilogy”. The first two books of the trilogy- “Marry Me, Stranger” and “All Yours, Stranger” have won many hearts. His recent release “Forget Me Not, Stranger”; the final installment of the trilogy has been getting appreciation from everywhere since its release. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for Television.

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