September 7, 2016

Book Review: Rau:The Great Love Story of Bajirao Mastani

Original Title: Raau: (Original Book on Bajirao-Mastani) (Marathi)
Title : Raau: The Greatest Love Story of Bajirao Mastani.
ISBN : 9382616802 
ISBN 13: 9789382616801
No. of Pages: 352
Price: 399 INR


'My eyes, they rain all the time
My eyes, they rain all the time 
Till I see him in mine'

When Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa, feared by even the mighty Mughals, hears the exquisite Mastani sing, the passion that sparks between them grows quickly into a raging fire. 
The Peshwa defies his orthodox Brahmin heritage, declaring his love openly for the half-Muslim dancer, in the face of fierce opposition. A man way ahead of his time, Bajirao causes outrage when he marries Mastani, bringing her into his home as his second wife. 


The Book as the title suggest is the eternal love story of one of the greatest Maratha Warrior, Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa and Mastani.  This book is Translation of one of the greatest novels in Marathi language. The Book Throws light on some of the greatest battles fought by Maratha Empire under Peshwa Bajirao. Peshwa Bajirao was a fearless leader and the one who loved his empire, who lead the empire to victories in numerous battles (41 to be more precise). He is one of three Generals in the History who has never lost a battle in his life.

The Book is an amazing experience to the reader to experience the very beautiful Shanivar Wada, as the book “shows” you what it was rather than telling you how it was to live and be in 17th Century. The book is more about the relationship that was between Bajirao & Mastani, a courtesan in Bajirao’s Darbar. The book progress and one gets to know how Bajirao fell in love with Mastani, a mere singer and dancer. This was a very common thing back in those days,a minister of an empire having a mistress even when he was married. But one gets to know the bond they share and Mastani was more than just a Mistress to Bajirao. They formed this instant liking for each other where they didn’t know what the consequences of the relationship and not caring about what the world would say or judge them. Whole of Pune and his entire empire was against Bajirao for keeping a non Hindu mistress and trating her equally as he would treat his wife. On the course Bajirao faces more consequences as his mother, brother and his beloved Kashi( Kashibai, wife of Peshwa Bajirao), all close the door on his face without understanding his side.
This book clearly depicts the story of two lovers, who face the hatred of whole world to be together. This book is not just a love story, but a story of the courageous warrior that Peshwa Bajirao was, the loving Father and over caring Elder Brother and a dutiful Husband and Proud Son that he was.

You should definitely read the book if you love reading Historic Fiction or even Romance in general. Also I would suggest you to watch the Movie just to get more of the Visuals of the Places and mind you the movie is very different from the original book so beware and don’t be fooled by the typical Bollywood Masala that the movie is.

Note: I was provided with a Review Copy of this Book in exchange of my honest opinion.

Rating : 4/5*

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About the Author & Translator :

Born in a village in Maharashtra’s Satara district, N.S. Inamdar (1923–2002) was one of India’s foremost Marathi novelists, with a writing career spanning over five decades. He is the author of sixteen historical novels and an autobiography.

Vikrant Pande has translated Ranjit Desai’s Raja Ravi Varma, Milind Bokil’s Shala and N.S. Inamdar’s Shahenshah. He has worked for over twenty-five years with various multinational companies and is currently heading TeamLease Skills University at Vadodara.

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  1. This sound like a really interesting book, I put it onto my tbr pile, thank you for the review.