May 2, 2017

Book Review : The Escape Artist by Diane Chamberlain.

Name: The Escape Artist
Author: Diane Chamberlain
No. of Pages: 464
Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK
ISBN-10: 1447256735
ISBN-13: 978-1447256731
Price: 400 INR

About the Book:

When Susanna Miller loses custody of her eleven-month-old son, Tyler, she goes on the run instead of turning her little boy over to her ex-husband and his new wife. She dyes her hair, changes her name and escapes from Boulder, Colorado, leaving behind everyone she knows including Linc Sebastian, the man who has been her best friend since childhood and who knows her better than anyone.
Susanna lands in Annapolis, Maryland, lonely, frightened, and always looking over her shoulder for someone who might recognize her. Just as she's beginning to feel safe in her new surroundings, she stumbles across information that could save the lives of many people . . . if she's willing to take it to the police. But going to the authorities means revealing her identity, admitting her guilt and, worst of all, losing her son.

Book Review:

Seems like I am reading all the heart-wrenching books this summer. This book is the journey of Susanna Miller and her son Tyler. The book begins with Susanna Miller losing custody of eleven month old Tyler to her ex-husband Jim and his wife Peggy. Instead of handing over Tyler to Jim & Peggy, she runs away from Boulder as the thought of not being around Tyler every day scares her and she cannot go through the pain of losing her only family, her child Tyler. Thus starts the journey of a mother who wants nothing but to be with her son all her life.

Susanna has everything planned; she leaves behind her old life and starts her new life in a completely new city and as a completely different. While in Boulder everyone is in shock with Susanna’s move and her friends are initially disappointed as she leaves without informing anyone, but on the other hand support her decision. Peggy and Jim are determined to get Tyler back and leave no stone unturned to find Susanna; they register with the Missing Children Association and declare a cash reward for the person who would get them to Susanna. On the other side Susanna start’s her new life, making some new friends, and working and makes sure that she is around Tyler all the time. When she purchases a new computer for herself, she finds some files that the owner might have forgotten to delete; initialing ignoring the connection of the information has with her surroundings. But once she cracks the information down, she knows she has to come out of her secondary identity in order to save many lives around her. She is in dilemma, whether to save the lives of the innocent people or save herself and stay with Tyler her whole life.

The writing is terrific and the plot becomes more and more intense with every page turned. Up until the last page the author is able to hold the suspense of what comes next. Definitely one of my best reads of 2017.

Rating: 4/5/*

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