June 2, 2017

Book Review : Mindstormer By A J Steiger

About the Book

Book Name: Mindstormer.
Author : A J Steiger.
No. of Pages : 432 Pages.
ISBN-10 : 1780749260.
ISBN-13 : 978-1780749266.
Price : 972 INR

When Lain Fisher wakes up in a hospital bed she can't remember anything of the last few months. As a mindwalker herself she knows about erasing peoples memories. She just never thought it would happen to her. Before she can get any answers to her questions she is rescued by two young men. Ian she remembers, but Steven is a complete stranger. Through accessing her memories, Lain realizes that IFEN isn't at all what she believed and that before her memories were erased she had fallen violently in love with Steven. 

Soon the battle for survival is personal. Lain and Steven join a group of rebel fighters to take on IFEN. But does she love or mistrust Steven? And are the rebel group as bad as IFEN? A twisting, intelligent, enthralling adventure about a future world that might just be on our own horizon.

Book Review :

This book is the second book in the “Mindwalker” Series by A J Steiger, but can be read as a standalone novel as well.

The book starts with Lain Fisher, who is a young Mindwalker 
waking up in hospital bed in IFEN, without remembering any events of the past few months. Lain is confused and suspicious of her surrounding finding herself in the IFEN center with no answers from Dr. Swan, her mentor who also happens to be her Guardian. 
When all of a sudden she is kidnapped from IFEN by Steven and other Blackcoats who terrorize the IFEN building. With no memories of the past few months she is unable to understand the situations around her and when she Finds Ian, her best friend she is relieved and is notified that this is in fact her rescue mission. When she lands in Canada and tries to regain her memories, she discovers her true identity and thus begins the actual journey of freedom and her mission to help make the United Republic of America an equal country for all individuals with no type.

Loved the concept and the take on Type system of differentiating people from one another.  The book is based in a very developed technological era and the concepts of mind walking and memory erasing are mind-blowing. 

The advance technology described in the book had me hooked and Ian and Lain’s friendship and dedication to change the world facing all odds is like a ray of hope when someday in the real world someone like Lain would demolish the discrimination of caste and class and type.

Rating: 4/5 *

About the Author :

A. J. Steiger graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, where she majored in fiction writing. She has lived her whole life in the Chicago suburbs, though she enjoys regular visits to other galaxies and dimensions in her mind. 
She's a freelance writer and transcriptionist with an enthusiasm for anime and pancake houses.
Mindwalker is her first book for young adults.

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Note: I received the proof copy of the book in exchange of an honest review from my side.

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